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Lawn Care and Weed Control Service for Home Owner Associations (HOA)

We provide weed control services for many Home Owner Associations in Lubbock, TX. Many times we will be subcontracted by the commercial landscape company to provide pre-emergent, and post-emergent weed control services, but we also will work directly for the HOA.

Lubbock Lawns has the lawn care equipment, and weed control expertise to service your HOA in a timely, correct way.  We can route multiple crews that can each apply upwards of 9 acres per day without re-filling.  This allows us to handle most HOAs in a single day. In the case of large HOAs - 30 plus acres of sprayable area - we can generally get those projects completed inside of a few days.  Our capability offers you the convenience of getting your pre-emergent and post-emergent services done quickly, and with our expertise, you can have comfort knowing that is done correctly.

We offer a variety of different service types for Home Owner Associations.  Our top-line service includes a six month warranty, but we can also provide pre-emergent only, post-emergent only, turf weed control programs, and turf fertilization program

Lawn Care and Weed Control Service for Property Managers

Working directly with property managers is an area that we excel at.  Because we have a full time customer service team in our office, we have found that property managers often prefer to hire our services directly. Being able to call our office and actually talk to a physical person who can serve your needs is a large advantage to property managers who are generally "on the go", and need answers or scheduling done now.

We have the capability to service any size property that you may manage, so you won't need to hire a different company because one of the properties in your management portfolio is too large, or even too small.  We handle them all.

We can provide full service pre-emergent and post-emergent work that includes our 6 month warranty, or we can tailor your specific services for what you need:

Monthly Lawn Care and Weed Control Service Programs
Lawn Maintenance Pre-emergent Only Programs
Weed Control Post-emergent Only Programs
Turf Fertilization Programs
Turf Weed Control Programs

Lawn Care and Weed Control for Commercial / Residential Landscape Companies in Lubbock, TX
Lubbock Lawns of Lubbock, TX started working for landscape companies in the early years, and we continue to serve landscapers to this day.  Working for commercial and residential landscape companies is a major part of our business, and here is why:

We have the ability to service your clients, through you, allowing you to control the type of service that you want, the frequency of that service, and most importantly, allowing you to make money on our work.  Depending on the scope of properties that you have, we can discount our services to a point that you can make money from what we are doing.  You make money, we make money, and your client is satisfied, knowing that our premier weed control company is handling their weed control needs.

Not only do you make money, you don't have the headache of maintaining proper licensing, servicing equipment that you only use a few times a year, and purchasing and storing expensive herbicides.

Our service is a great value add for any landscape company, whether you service residences only, some commercial properties, or only commercial properties.

Lawn Care Service and Weed Control Service for Municipalities

Providing weed control services for municipal clients is a portion of our business that has blossomed over the past decade.  Our municipal clients run the gamut from a small office for particular municipal branch, all the way up to entire prison facilities, and even roadside and public facility work.  We have the proper licensing, experience, and specialized equipment to service municipalities fully.  We understand that there is generally more coordination, informational requests, reporting, and log/certification work that is required for municipal compliance, and we are outfitted to provide anything that is necessary to get the job done.  We carry proper levels of liability insurance, and we are fully licensed (both our business, and our applicators) for your job.  Our equipment is suited to spray large scale properties, areas, roadsides, etc. quickly and properly, and we also have proper warning lights, and safety procedures, so we are ready to go for your municipal project.

In order to request a bid, or if you have any questions about services - whether we are working on your project or not - please don't hesitate to contact us.

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